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WallFX: Linear Vibe

WallFX: Linear Vibe

Achieve the look of custom wallpaper without the cost!

This graphic wall treatment is extremely easy. Change the look by selecting colours with more contrast for a dramatic look or use the same colour with a matte/gloss sheen difference for a sophisticated appearance.

Shopping List

  • Beauti-Tone Designer Series Matte in two colours.
  • Colours Shown: Base coat: Grey Seal NPC2-0. Topcoat: Cobblestone Beaches NPC3-0
  • roller kit 1656-531
  • Beauti-Tone painter’s tape 1670-130

Here’s How

  1. Paint wall the base coat colour. Let dry for 48 hours.
  2. Use painter’s tape to mark a linear design on the wall.
  3. Paint the wall with the topcoat colour.
  4. Remove tape.