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WallFX: ​Flair and Square

WallFX: ​Flair and Square

An afternoon project that is so simple and delivers big results. Want a more subtle look? Paint in a monochromatic colour scheme. Desire more drama? Paint in a strong contrast like classic black and white.

Shopping List

  • Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint in matte or satin
  • Rounded paintbrush (Item #: 1613-221)
  • Paint pail (Item #: 1656-550)
  • Chalk line (Item #: 1019-205)

Here’s How

  1. Paint the wall a desired base colour (shown: Steel Waters Run Deep SC190-4). Let dry.
  2. Measure and mark vertical lines with a chalk line (shown: 18” square on a 9’ wall).
  3. Use the rounded paintbrush and contrasting colour (shown: Self Azure SC180-4) to freehand paint over the chalk lines. The chalk line will help you stay straight while keeping the freehand look. Let dry.
  4. Measure and mark the horizontal lines and repeat process.