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Chalk It Up! - How To Make DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk It Up! - How To Make DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a great d├ęcor trend that beautifully transforms toss away treasures into timeless classics. The chalky patina is perfect for creating a distressed antique look and bringing some life back to an old piece of furniture. The downside, it can be a bit expensive with a litre of store bought chalk paint costing up to $80. Beauti-Tone paint can create the desired chalk paint look for a fraction of the cost with all the benefits. This D.I.Y. chalk paint recipe will prepare approximately 1 litre of chalk paint. Alright let’s get to it.


Step One: Surface Prep

The first and most important step is to properly prepare the surface we will be working with. In order for the Chalk Paint to properly adhere to the surface we need to remove any wax or polish by wiping with mineral spirits. Use a sanding block to sand the entire surface to dull any remaining finish. Once you are satisfied with the results wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dust left from sanding.

Now its time to apply a coat of Beauti-Tone Designer Series Matte Finish paint with no drywall compound added. Let the surface dry for up to 24 hours before applying any chalk paint.

ProTip! Use two different colors for your base and secondary coat. Using a sanding sponge, sand back on edges and details to expose the under layer of color.

Step Two: Preparing Chalk Paint

Time to start mixing. The amount of drywall compound depends on how thick you want the paint. Add 14 cup of drywall compound to your Beauti-Tone Designer Series Matte Finish paint and stir thoroughly until fully mixed. If you would like a thicker coat of paint add another 14 cup of drywall compound. Do not exceed 12 cups. Ensure the base coat is dry and the chalk paint is thoroughly mixed.

Step Three: Time to Paint

Paint the entire table with the chalk paint. Apply a second coat, if needed. Let dry 24 hours.

With sanding sponge, sand back the edges and details to expose the under layer of color.

When you are satisfied with the soft, worn look, apply a dark paste wax over entire finish. Let dry and buff. Repeat if you want a slightly higher sheen.

Thanks all there is to it… Ever worked with chalk paint? LEt us know what you made in the comments below.