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2019 Deck Trends

2019 Deck Trends

With summer in Canada lasting only a few months each year, Canadians want to make the most of their time and enjoy the warm weather in a stylish space.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite design ideas from 2019 that can totally transform your outdoor living space.

Trend 1: Curves

One of the biggest trends for 2019 continues to be curves in deck design. Gone are the days where decks are thought of as traditional planks with vertical and horizontal lines. Beautiful architecture is a creation of many elements and combines stunning curves with vibrant boarders to transform a space into a stunning feature.

When creating your outdoor space, it is important to consider the practical design before style. To establish an impressive retreat for friends and family, you will want to pin-point the fundamentals of your project by understanding how you intend to use your outdoor space.

Do you want to have an expansive deck to host dinner parties, or are you updating the area for leisure activity around your pool? Digging deeper into the purpose of your project will help you to establish a clear vision of your goals and to do list.

When developing the design for a curved deck, composite decking is a perfect way to achieve the look. It is an easy yet effective technique and creates a completely unique deck. It is an excellent choice as it contributes to the overall flow of your deck by demonstrating a sense of direction. Composite deck technology allows for curved boarders as the product is able to be molded to any shape the homeowner desires. Home Hardware offers quality composite decking from top quality brands, such as Trex, Azek and Fiberon. Each brand offers a hassle-free decking product that requires no sanding, no painting, and no staining.

Another advantage of using curved boarders and composite decking is that it adds architectural interest to your design. Horizontal planks alone can appear one-dimensional in style. When you are designing your deck, incorporate curved boarders around pools, seating areas, bars, walkways and staircases.​

Trend 2: Playing with Colour

In 2019, home owners are continuing to embrace colour and this is cropping up in their outdoor living spaces. With an endless array of colours, it is possible to accent the colours of the house, geographical location and individual tastes.

When selecting colours for your outdoor deck project, it is important to develop a colour scheme that achieves the overall tone you are trying to achieve. Two of the most popular schemes for 2019 are complementary and monochromatic.

Complementary colours

If you choose to go with a complementary colour scheme, the first step is selecting a primary colour for your project and matching it with an opposite hue on the colour wheel.

Common choices for complimentary schemes include: blue and orange, purple and yellow and red and green. Remember that your selection does not have to be vibrant as muted tones work well within the complementary colour wheel. You can also mix and match muted tones with vibrant hues for design complexity.

One thing to consider when selecting your colour palette, is balance, but it is not necessary to have equally weighted amounts of colour. If your deck is a blue-grey and orange is the complementary choice, you can infuse orange in limited amounts through curved boarders, decorative accents or furniture. This will add an element of surprise to your design and will prevent the colours from becoming overpowering.


Should you choose the monochromatic scheme for your deck, you would begin with a colour of choice and follow up by selecting two to three similar shades, tones, or tints.

Tints are achieved by adding white, and shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker colour, grey or black. You can infuse these colours into your design though stylized pieces including railings, deck boarders, accents, or furniture arrangements.

Mixing similar colours in your design is a technique that keeps your outdoor space modern and clean. It is also useful in creating a rejuvenating environment.

Trend 3: Longevity

The last thing any homeowner wants is to invest money into a project that is not going to stand the test of time. To make a lasting impression, start with a solid structure to support your project for years to come. It is important to choose quality products to ensure that your process of deck building is easy and ensures that you spend less on your deck in the coming years.

Composite decking for simple maintenance

Composite decking has become increasingly popular because of the longevity and sophistication it offers many homeowners. Consumers are increasingly investing in materials that are longer-lasting and beautiful in appearance.

Home Hardware carries Trex , Azek and Fiberon Decking. The advantage in investing in composite decking, and why it continues to be a trend is that it is virtually maintenance free. It will last a long time and will not deteriorate. It also requires no stains or sealants and is resistant to moisture, insects and sunlight which makes it ideal for homeowners with limited time for maintenance.

Trex is the brand most consumers would recognize and comes in premium tropical colours and rich classic earth tones. Carried by Home Hardware, Trex is also a top quality product that comes with a 25 year warranty so homeowners can feel confident in their purchase.

Quality lumber

Since decks are predominately exposed to Canada’s four seasons, they are prone to the wear and tear of Mother Nature’s weather. Wooden decks may be less expensive to purchase initially but tend to age from exposure to moisture and sun when compared to composite decking.

In choosing lumber, it is important to be mindful of quality.

Trend 4: Combining Indoor and Outdoor Style

Before you begin drafting your design, it is a good idea to consider what colours you presently have in your home as a foundation for your choices outdoors.

In pulling inspiration from the colours you have indoors, you are extending the consistency of your design outdoors. This is helpful because it contributes to the harmony and consistency of your design and helps establish your deck as an extension of your living space.

Decks are not just functional in the minds of home owners. With the increasing popularity of the ‘stay-cation’, it has become more important to create an outdoor living space that is both practical and beautiful.

A unique way that home owners can achieve this melding their indoor and outdoor décor is with colours that are reflected outside. Beauti-Tone offers a wide variety of colours in their National Parks of Canada Colour Collection inspired by the breathtaking scenery of our land.

You can paint these beautiful colours both indoors and outdoors to achieve a beautiful, consistent and welcoming living space.