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Great Crate

Great Crate

A fun and functional storage table that is reminiscent of an old crate. It is multi-functional. Use as storage for your chair cushions or as a serving table for summer soirées.




Downlaod detailed instructions

Here’s how

  1. Cut three top and three bottom slats at 3’ long from the 10’ boards.
  2. Cut six end pieces at 17" long from the 10’ boards.
  3. Cut six dividers at 17" long and two bottom cross members at 18" long from the 14’ board.
  4. Assemble 3 frames from the top, bottom and end pieces using 2" screws.
  5. Position 2 dividers inside of each frame approximately 12" apart.
  6. Countersink pilot holes and fasten the dividers to the frames with 2" screws.
  7. Position the 3 frames evenly onto the bottom cross members. Attach with 1-1/4" wood screws.
  8. Place the casters in position on the bottom and attach with 2" carriage bolts.
  9. Stain all boards the Whisper colour and let dry. Then paint with Tennis Whites and let dry. Sand edges to expose the Whisper colour. This technique creates a soft, worn coastal look.
  10. Cut the galvanized angle strips at 18" lengths and attach to the top and bottom edges with #10 3/4" screws.
  11. Attach hitching rings on sides.