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Academic Achievement Comes in Many Shades

Academic Achievement Comes in Many Shades

Back to school is such an exciting time – new markers, binders, lunch bag and that all-important ‘first day’ outfit. At Beauti-Tone we also know that a successful school year can truly begin at home with bedroom colours that inspire confidence, relaxation, productivity, and a positive outlook.

Colour influences our minds and bodies. Knowing a colour’s character can provide more than just a beautiful space, it can help your child get better sleep, bring out their creative genius, and be more confident and calm. When decorating a bedroom or dorm room find the perfect colour inspiration for your child, or perhaps even the inner child in you!​

Object Of My Affection (DR79-0)

We tend to shy away from orange in a bedroom, however it is the social colour that encourages confidence and independence. Object of my affection has wonderfully positive energy. Find it too overpowering? Introduce another colour to balance the tables. Now, orange you glad we suggested orange!​

Mac & Cheese (DR90-0)

Yellow is as joyous as waking up to a beautiful sunny day, especially when you realize it’s the weekend. Yellow also helps with memory and concentration. That’s why the first post-it notes were yellow. Be cautious, though of large doses of too bright yellow. Like calisthenics, in some people it creates a feeling of anxiety and even anger. Mac & Cheese, the yoga of yellows! A great colour to wake up to.​

The World Is Your Oyster (DR58-0), Taupe This! (DR30-0), Sizzle (DR76-3)

Red is high energy and excites the mind. In a bedroom it’s best left to smaller doses. For chic colour chemistry, combine red with a great grey like The World Is Your Oyster or a warm taupe like Taupe This! Sizzle may be way to haute to handle, but it plays well with other colours.

When it comes to budding geniuses, there is nothing neutral about neutrals. Kick you calm into gear with The World Is Your Oyster (DR58-0), Putty in Taupe This! (DR30-0), and Comfort (DR11-0) to support intelligent thought and focused studying. For the child who knows their strengths, neutrals are the A+ choice to match with their favourite colour.​

Sweet Surrender (DR65-1)

Pink, unlike its classmate red, calms anger and behavioral issues. Try Sweet Surrender an irresistible hint of bliss, and mix it with neutrals for beautiful harmony that is sophisticated for any age.​

Joie de vivre (DR142-0)

Purple, the colour of royalty, is the perfect colour for your heir apparent. This regal colour helps release a child’s artistic creativity. However, a bit like physics, purple can be tough! Try Joie de vivre, with its bubbly expressive attitude and red undertones to create a soulful den of creativity.

When you do the math, a fresh new paint colour is the most economical way to help your child shine, no matter what they are striving to achieve.

Visit any Home Hardware, Home Building Centre or Home Hardware Building Centre to gain inspiration from the many beautiful colours of Beauti-Tone.​